Sense of self.

So, as someone with BPD my identity can be hard to pin down. I am influenced by everything and I take on traits I like from people or inspiration around me. I feel like a chameleon. Characters from movies or books, friends and family, famous people or even random people from social media can manipulate my … More Sense of self.

That borderline love..

I have come to the realisation that I can finally notice some of my BPD behaviours (recovery is working yall). I have also wanted to talk about my relationships. To me friendships, relationships with partners, strangers and family, or people in general are pretty much the hardest thing for me to grasp. They leave, they wont … More That borderline love..

The good side of BPD.

YOU ARE UNIQUE Everyone with Borderline personality Disorder has an individual way of being. You are you. Know one else is like you.  You can apply your all to new tasks and discover things many people would fear. Your individuality comes from your love of trying out new things and mixing things up. 2. OPEN MINDED Only … More The good side of BPD.

Self care things.

Did you eat today? Did you remember to take your meds? Have you slept well or went outside? These are questions you should ask yourself everyday. Self care is extremely important for anyone’s wellbeing. I made a cute little list of things to do when you need some self love: Eat healthy Use bath bombs … More Self care things.

What BPD means to me when I’m at my worst. (TW?)

Borderline personality Disorder can be the most amazing thing in the world. It can also be the absolute f*cking worst. When I feel, I feel so deeply and so intensely. Nothing in life is regulated or familiar. I end up clinging to whatever emotion that explodes from within, no matter how I came to feel it in the first place, justified … More What BPD means to me when I’m at my worst. (TW?)